Avintus Employer Services

More than Payroll

iSolved is Avintus' ultimate web-based payroll solution. We file and pay all taxes and handle all reporting—even for your 401(k). Put us in the middle of your payroll processing and get more.

How does iSolved offer more than most payroll services?

Streamline Operations with Robust Technology

Take advantage of the significant time and money we've put into techology. Our portal has the power to pull together data and push it from one system to the next, allowing you to complete tasks like manage benefits and communicate with healthcare providers - all within the portal. And, if we manage your payroll, we have everything we need to do traditional TPA or fudicary services on your behalf.

No Penalty Worries

When payroll rules change almost daily, compliance can be a challenge. According to the IRS, 40% of small businesses pay an average penalty of $845 per year for late or incorrect filings. The Avintus Penalty-Free guarantee means you’re always in compliance. If problems happen, we handle them for you.

Get the Client Services Guarantee

A dedicated, one-point-of-contact client service expert from our Nashville office offering guaranteed, same-day response. There is also extensive training, an initial walk-through of first payroll, and unlimited access to support services.

Up-to-Date Expertise

If you’re like most business owners, you don't have time to keep up with constantly changing regulations, withholding rates, and government forms. When you outsource, you get access to the latest payroll knowledge without having to invest in the ongoing training of your own employees.

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